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Our nordic peat is pure bog plant power that has been maturing inside our Mother Earth for thousands of years. Peat is by composition completely unique as it contains rare organic acids. In order to truly understand the natural strength of cosmetic peat you simply have to try it. Your skin will feel the difference immediately.

How Does it Work?

Check out the science behind great peat products from this image.

Keeping a Turbliss peat mask on your skin for 10 minutes means that you are bathing your skin in natural hyaluronic acid that is produced in your own skin for maximum benefit. Hyaluronic acid is the key element in providing the skin with structural support. As a result - plump and glowing youthful skin.


Happy to be in the Danish NATURLI again - this time they are giving praise to our Micellar Milk with superpowers :)

"The Firming and Enlivening Body Oil by Turbliss is a fragrant offering for both body and mind. "

"Bioactive Face Mask for Problem Skin contains pure peat, geranium, witch hazel and chamomile to efficiently refresh skin. Their firming and toning face mask astrigent, anti wrinkle properties make the skin look younger and smoother while moisturizing and deeply cleansing it."

"Seeing the amount of peat dug from Estonian bogs to be exported for energy production and horticulture Turbliss felt interested to see if there could be a more ethical and efficient way to use their natural resources."

"Also impressive, the company digs, analyzes, and micronizes all of its own peat to ensure it`s of a high quality. While all of the mask types (from soothing wrinkles and toning skin to reducing acne and curing eczema and psoriasis) are considered purifying, peat never gets tight and dry on the skin if used correctly."