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Best Hydrogel Eye Patches

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Best Hydrogel Eye Patches

I heard a while ago that women in Moscow traffic jams multitask by using sheet masks and eye patches while driving 10km 2 hours. What a great idea! Why not promote this beauty enhancing and relaxing technique in other metropolitan areas as well.. London, New York, LA, Warsaw, etc – be ware that soon you might have an interesting view into the car driving next to you :)

How to Use Hydrogel Eye Patches?

Let`s skip the bla bla bla about what hydrogel eye patches are and agree that everybody knows - tiny drops or half moons to take care of your gentle skin around the eyes.

A hydrogel eye therapy patch is most useful when applied cold, hence, we recommend to keep your eye patches in the fridge. The low temperature will reduce puffiness and erase the signs of that one glass of wine too many last night. At the same time the water based actives will react to the warmth of the skin and start transporting molecules from the patch into the skin. The molecules of water based products are, as a rule, smaller than lipids, penetrate deeper into the dermis and have a stronger plumping effect.

The best hydrogel eye recovery patches on the market work within 10 minutes after which the skin around the eyes is visibly better looking, more plump, hydrated and feels amazing. For this we have chosen a combination of vegetable collagen and cactus extract with pro-vitamin B-5 aka d-panthenol in pure nordic bog water – this unique combination in Turbliss Hydrogel Eye Patches gives you instant visible results (client image below). The skin is visibly smoother and glowing, the puffiness is down and some test results have even shown for it to reduce dark circles. You can use the patches while working, cooking, watching TV, driving – they are transparent, comfortable and super easy to use.

Are Hydrogel Eye Patches Biodegradable?

Hydrogel under eye patches contain mostly water, some polymers or proteins to produce a solid form, herbal or synthetic cosmetic active ingredients that benefit the skin and some sort of preservative system. The newest trends have produced a myriad of biodegradable eye patches that do not harm the environment with silicones or microplastics. This is absolutely awesome and heart-warming. We have reached an era of cosmetics where real substantial innovations take place to keep our environment safe and healthy and  our skin glowing with natural and effective easy to use home treatments. Turbliss Hydrogel Eye Patches are 100% biodegradable, 99,5% natural, vegan and effective.

Hacks for Using Hydrogel Eye Patches

Here are some tips and tricks how to get the most out of your eye therapy patches:

  • Keep the patches in the fridge
  • Use one pair of patches up to 3 times – store them clean inside food film or folio in the fridge. Make sure to have clean disinfected hands and face.
  • Use your patches on frown lines and other fine lines that need smoothing or extra hydration.
  • You can use your eye patches while doing the dishes, reading, driving or meditating..
  • Take a photo of before and after in the same angle and lighting and share your results with the producer. This kind of feedback is like treasure for cosmetic producers.


Client Image: after 10 minutes of Turbliss Eye Patches



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