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Illuminating Peat Water with 24K Gold 50 ml

Illuminating Peat Water with 24K Gold 50 ml


100% pure peat water enriched with 24K Gold. Moisturizes, smoothes and rejuvinates. Gold ions stimulate skin metabolism and reduce skin receptivity to allergies and infections. Renews skin tissue and restores skin pH. Decreases pigmentation and redness. Minimizes pores. Refreshes and tones the skin. Gives a shining golden glow. Oil free. Can be used on hair and textile. Contains mineral pigments. Be careful when using on white clothes! Shake before use. 100% natural.

 100% natural golden peat water which can be simultaneously used as an effective skin treatment as well as a decorative cosmetic product adding golden sparkle to both skin and hair. Thanks to the innovative oil free content it is possible to use Illuminating Peat Water on skin, hair and clothes. The products can be applied as often as needed. No limits. Golden pigments can act differently on diffent types of fabric. Use caution and shake the product vigorously when wearing white clothes.

INCI: Peat water, Mica, Cl 77891, Cl 77491, 24K Gold