Micellar Milk 100 ml – Turbliss Global
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Micellar Milk 100 ml - Turbliss Global

Micellar Milk 100 ml


Turbliss Micellar Milk is a gentle yet effective cleanser for removing make-up and impurities from both skin and eyes. The main ingredient is pure peat water – a wonderful pH regulator for the skin. Grape seed and almond oils bind excess oil and impurities leaving the skin completely clean without drying. Glycerin from Karanja tree is a great humectant and helps the skin the remain elastic, soft and hydrated for a long time. 

Turbliss Micellar Milk is suitable for all skin types, also for very sensitive skin. It does not contain palm oil ingredients, it is GMO free, 100% natural and vegan.

INCI: peat water, glycerine (and) prunus amygdalus dulcis oil (and) sucrose laurate (and) aqua, vitis vinifera seed oil, fragrance, xanthan gum